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White Bread


White bread typically refers to breads made from wheat flour. The loaves bake up incredibly tall, soft and fluffy... the perfect white bread!

Sandwich Bread


Large flat-topped loaf baked in a lidded square tin.

Brown Bread


Brown Bread is a designation often given to breads made with significant amounts of whole grain flour, usually wheat.

Atta Bread


Bask in the goodness of whole grain fiber with a boost of vitamin B. Here's to a fitter and finer you!

Garlic Bread


Our Kaiser Roll topped with garlic butter and freshly chopped herbs. Baked in a paper tray for easy reheating.



This hearth bread is made by traditional methods using extra virgin olive oil, unbleached and semolina flours, and kosher salt.

Fresh Herb


A Tuscan-style dough made with freshly-picked herbs and coarse sea salt.

Multigrain Bread


Multigrain is a type of bread prepared with two or more types of grain. Grains used include barley, flax, millet, oats, and whole-wheat flour, among others.

Pizza Base


Pizzas have crossed geographical boundaries to become a hot favourite all over the world! While is it convenient to have Pizzas outside, it is also super fun to make it at home once in a while. Pizza base is readily available at our store.

Burger Bun


Available in convenient packs of 2, these cornmeal sprinkled buns, make for the best gourmet burgers as they melt in the mouth.

Pav Bhaji Bun


Pav Bhaji is a fast food dish from Maharashtra, India, consisting of thick vegetable curry fried and served with a soft bread roll.

Cheese Garlic Bread


Our Kaiser Roll topped with cheese, garlic butter and freshly chopped herbs. Baked in a paper tray for easy reheating.

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